Our goal is to help you find other swingers on any cruise you go on. Too many times you see people put a post on a site asking if anyone else is on a cruise someone has booked, and no one answers. There are over 600 cruises a year leaving Australian ports, which makes it very hard to stumble across fellow swingers.

We aim to help in that process by putting events up in our Facebook group for anyone who books with Corina. That will give you the best chance of finding cruises where there are already people booked, and a forum to chat to them before sailing. 

If we as a community can create one central place to find others, we might have more luck.

Join our Facebook group, then when you are deciding which cruise to book, give Corina a call on 0433 152 436.

Of course, we also aim to have enough hosted cruises a year that you can choose a big group to cruise with.