find out about new swingers cruises

find out about new swingers cruises

find out about new swingers cruisesfind out about new swingers cruisesfind out about new swingers cruises

about us


We are swingers who organise cruises. We have been in the scene since 2002, and running events on and off all that time.

We started as Lifestyle Weekends, organising weekend getaways for swingers. In 2008, we ran a cruise and ended up with 35 couples attending. Since then we have run cruises each year or two, but never as often as we would like. Work kept getting in the way.

In 2016 we discovered full takeover cruises with Bliss out of America and fell in love with them, We made so many friends on our first cruise, but could have had a way better time if someone had been guiding us on all the tips and tricks.

In 2019 we committed ourselves to run cruises for swingers in Australia on a regular basis, to try and get an experience as close as we could to a full takeover. It will never be the same, but we have found the friendships you make on one of our group cruises is similar to the friends you make on a full takeover. You certainly get off the boat exhausted with a huge smile.

We have committed ourselves to a big March cruise every year, on a 5 star ship. Our first one was in March 2019 to NZ, and we had 50 people on board. Everyone had a fantastic time, and most will come again. 

We did find the cruise ship people did not take us seriously as a group on board, so we became travel agents. That meant we could help people book, and have more influence on board ships to juggle dinner reservations and private function rooms. We will always cost the same or less than the best price you can find elsewhere. 

We have partnered with the team at Erotic Adult Travel (EAT) who will handle US bookings for us. They have looked after us on Florida Bliss cruises and Desire cruises. They not only know what they are doing, they really look after their customers.

What do we do? 

So, this site is now dedicated to making cruising more fun for Australian swingers. 

At least every March, we will host a big cruise out of Australia. It will be at least 10 plus days, and on a really nice ship. We expect between 50 and 100 people on our March 2020 cruise. No, its not a full takeover cruise, but its the closet thing in Australia.

We can't help ourselves, so will be looking for other cruises we can go on. 3 day ones are easy to add, and hopefully some cheap 7 day ones as well.

We will host any Australians going on full takeover cruises in the US that we are going on. Talk to Corina about the booking process, and to be added to our group on board, on Facebook, and before the cruise.

We host a Facebook page where you can look at all the upcoming cruises, and chat with other swingers. We are creating events on there for people going on cruises we will not be on, looking for others to join them.

What don't we do? 

We don't book out whole boats for swingers only cruises. There are a number of companies around the world that do that, but that is a much bigger (and more expensive) exercise. Unfortunately, the market in Australia does not appear large enough to support this type of event locally, but hopefully one day it will happen. 

So how does it work? 

Most importantly, sign up for our newsletter so we can let you know what is coming up. 

Its also good to sign up to our Facebook group. Its a closed group so anyone who is not in the group cannot see who is a member, or anything that is posted.

When you are ready to book, call Corina on 0433 152 436 and she will help. Of course, you can email, or use the links on this site to book, but we find a lot of people want to talk to us first. 

We will set up a secret Facebook group for each cruise so that you can communicate with fellow cruisers without anyone else knowing you are in the group, or it even exists. Its safe to use this group with your personal Facebook profile, and will allow you to get to know fellow cruisers before the trip. 

Importantly, the cruise lines do not know anything about our special interest. We will just be a number of people who happen to book for the same cruise. There will be no fanfare or special mentions in the Captain's speech. Accordingly, we will be absolutely guided by the ships rules for behaviour and will have to be very discrete outside the privacy of our cabins. There is absolutely no nudity or public sex allowed on the boat in public areas. If everyone brings a calm mature attitude, the other passengers do not even know we are there. Having said that, we always end up being the biggest party group on the ship. 

We will be on board to introduce you to each other during the cruise. We have found that people on a normal cruise make lots of friends really easily, and people from our world get to know each other really quickly. How do you know who is part of our group while on board? While on the cruise, we have a discrete way for our group to recognise each other. We find by the third day everyone knows each other by sight ... or by touch ;) 

What is our goal? 

It would be great if there was half a dozen cruises a year to choose from where large groups travelled, as well as the ability to meet other swingers on whatever cruise you go on. We will run at least one cruise a year from now on, but are aiming for a lot more.