The ultimate cruising experience for swingers is a full take over cruise.

Imagine 3,114 swingers on a ship for a week in the Caribbean, play rooms for 200 people at a time, couples classes, being allowed to be naked around the pool all day, and a party every night.

Then understand that the cruise is about 10 times better than anything you just imagined.

It is very hard to put into words what an amazing experience they are, but a good measure is that a huge percentage of people who go one one are hooked and work out how to get back again in future years. We booked two more while on our first trip, and have 3 in the pipeline right now.

In November 2020 we will be cruising from Port Canaveral to Antigua and St Maarten on the Mariner of the Seas.

We will host a group of Australians so you do not have to turn up in Florida without someone you know. We will spend a couple of days around the pool in Florida before we sail (which is almost as much fun as the cruise itself) and have Facebook groups for you to get know fellow Aussies before we leave. We will also give you all the little tips and tricks to make sure you already know a lot of the Americans before you get there.

This cruise will sell out a year in advance, so book now.

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