April 2020 Hosted (non takeover) cruise

Join us for a 3 day round trip from Brisbane for a comedy cruise

 All open minded couples and singles from around the country and the world are invited to attend. We will host the cruise, and can help you with booking.

On board, you will meet everyone at daily meet and greets. If you wish, you will also know fellow cruisers before you leave via a dedicated Facebook group only available to people who have booked. 

Meeting like minded people in a social setting is the goal of the cruise, and many people on our past cruises have made life long friends.

Call Corina on 0433 152 436 to book.

This cruise is almost sold out, but you should still be able to grab a cancelled cabin.

The cruise will not feature play rooms, but everyone will have their own cabin to head to when you make new friends.

Unlike a full ship take over, the cruise line did not organise this, or approve it, and are making no special allowances for us. We are only members of a social group who have all decided to book on a particular cruise.

There will be no special rules of behaviour for us. This is not a swingers cruise, so you will not be allowed to act like it is. While that sounds harsh, the reality is that on past cruises everyone has managed to get together at the pool bar, make new friends, and have a great time. If everyone brings a calm mature attitude, the other passengers will not even know we are there.

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